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Most people can remember individuals that inspired or improved them in some way. Chances are, these individuals inspired you to push yourself and achieve something memorable and significant, or just to work towards being a better person. There is no single way to be an inspiration to other people, but leading by example and taking time to help others elevate themselves and broaden their view of the world can help. Spend some time identifying what or who inspires you, look at the qualities that make them inspirational, and plan to make those qualities a part of who you are.

Determine the first changes to make. A big part of becoming an inspiration is setting an example and leading from the front. You can do this in any number of ways, but it's best to start with the relatively small everyday things and build up to larger interventions. Spend some time thinking about what you can improve about what you do on a day-to-day basis and make a list.

  • Identify changes you want to make to your lifestyle which you can put into action straight-away, such as improving your diet, doing more exercise, or spending more time reading.
  • Don't just think about yourself, but consider things like spending more time with your family or visiting your grandparents more often.
  • Asking yourself difficult questions and trying to forge your own path can be very inspiring.

Make an action plan. Once you have thought through how you want to begin, draw up a rough action plan of how you will implement your ideas. Your plan should meet your goal of being an inspiration to others. Be as specific as possible when making your plan and write it down. This way, you'll be more likely to follow through with your goals.

  • Try to give yourself a timetable to stick to as well as an outline of activities and achievements.
  • You can then keep track of your progress and consider what more you can do to inspire others.

Start by making small changes. Once you have drawn up a list of things you want to change about yourself, or new things you want to adopt, get started as soon as possible. Seeing somebody make a big change in their life can be very inspiring for others, but it's important to give whatever changes you choose to enact the best chance of success.

  • Begin with things that are relatively straight-forward to help you gain confidence and self-belief before you move on to the bigger challenges.
  • Don't be too harsh on yourself, but remember that if you want to be an inspiration you have to lead from the front.
  • Don't set yourself up to fail by demanding that you radically transform your life immediately.

Set your sights high. While it's sensible to start with small and achievable goals, if you want to progress further and really become an inspirational figure, you need to think big and stay committed. This means expanding your horizons and world-view further than before, and thinking about the impact your actions have on those around. Ask how you can focus on putting other people first, and lead by example.

  • Being able to identify the needs and aspirations of others is a crucial step in inspiring and helping them achieve their goals.
  • Letting somebody know that you think she can achieve big goals can be inspiring.
  • Just being enthusiastic about the potential for positive change can also make a difference.

Take lots of little leaps of faith. As you start to try to become an inspiration you need to push yourself to be a better person, and a bolder more courageous one too. Try to regularly put yourself out of your comfort zone in order to broaden your horizons and gain confidence and belief in your own capabilities. You will find out things about yourself that you didn't know.

  • Start by doing small things every few days and try to progress and making bold and brave actions part of your normal outlook.
  • These leaps could be anything from taking up a new sport to starting to learn a foreign language.
  • Try to challenge yourself somehow every day.

Take care of yourself. Being an inspiration is all about leading by example. One of the best ways to do this is to model good life choices. Do what makes you happy and focus on improving your health and well-being. Eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and follow your passion. These can all boost your self-esteem and inspire others around you to do the same.

  • Part of taking care of yourself is not putting too much pressure on yourself.
  • Becoming an inspiration is an admirable goal, but don't expect perfection from yourself or others.

Be energetic and passionate. If you're going to inspire others, you need to be passionate and energetic about what you value. If you simply go about your day without expressing that spark of excitement, you're not going to get others excited either. Be passionate about what you do and share that with those around you.

  • For example, if you notice co-workers losing interest in what you're doing or discussing, explain why you find that aspect of your job so fascinating.
  • Chances are they'll become more interested and invested in your passion and will feel encouraged to pursue their own passions and follow your example.
  • Passion and excitement can be contagious and are great ways to inspire someone.

Stop being negative. Inspire people to have the ability to take negative situations and find the positive. You won't inspire people if you're overly judgemental, harsh, or critical. Instead, find the positive in everything. If something hasn't worked out the way you hoped, try to think of it as a possibility to learn more and avoid similar outcomes in the future.

  • Try thinking back to negative thoughts that you frequently had in the past.
  • Explain to yourself and others how you've started looking at those thoughts differently, in a more positive light.
  • By focussing on the positive you can inspire people to see the best in themselves and adopt a more positive outlook.

Encourage and support others. A big part of being an inspiration is about helping others achieve their goals and get over setbacks. Be available when someone wants to talk about her dreams or goals. Try to encourage and support her steps to accomplish these goals. Part of this might include teaching the person to ignore comments or gossip that gets in the way of her dreams.

  • Helping somebody see the positive and learn lessons through their experiences can be very inspirational.
  • You have to practice this yourself. Use examples from your own life to explain how your friend can learn from her successes and failures.
  • Don't present yourself as perfect. Acknowledge your failings, but demonstrate how she can find a way through difficult periods.

Develop long-term relationships. You are more likely to be an inspiration to someone if they see you often and can witness the actions and outlook which inspires them. A one-off intervention might be a moment of inspiration, but in order to be an inspiration in the long-run you have to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with people.

  • Think of how a good teacher can gradually become an inspiration figure over a year or longer as you get to know each other.
  • You may be inspired by a famous person whose achievements you admire, but a distant celebrity is likely to be less of a direct inspiration than somebody you know.

Understand what inspiration is. If you want to make a lasting change and become an inspiration you should think carefully about what inspiration really is. When you're inspired, you're mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Usually, you're compelled to be different or better than who you currently are.

  • Inspiration seems brilliant, creative, and unique, but it's also tricky to understand. What inspires one person may not inspire the next.
  • There is much written about inspiration itself, but not as much about how to take on this characteristic and act in a way that inspires others.
  • While you might be able to easily picture someone who is hard working, it may be harder to picture someone who is inspirational.

Don't overlook the little things. While it may be tempting to think that inspiration has to come from a famous or well-known source, don't forget that many things can inspire people in their daily lives. Watch for these little sparks of inspiration throughout your day.

  • For example, you may be inspired by the customer service someone provided in a stressful situation.
  • Perhaps you were inspired by the courage of someone standing up to another person's rude behaviour.

Make a list of who in particular inspires you. Take your time and try to consider everyone. Think about well-known or famous people, as well as people you've encountered in your daily life. Don't forget to consider people that inspired you in the past, as well as recently. Continue to revise your list. As you encounter different situations, ideas may come up when you are at work, at home, with friends, or travelling.

  • Try to identify what is is about each of these people that have inspired you, and why.
  • Writing down instances or people that inspire you can teach you about why you want to inspire others.
  • Be sure to describe how you feel when you realize someone is inspiring you.

Consider what makes someone inspirational. While the kinds of people that inspire you might be diverse, they probably share similar behaviors or qualities. You may immediately be familiar with common traits that inspire you, but here are a few of the top traits that are considered to be inspirational:

  • Authenticity: Inspirational people usually find their own way to do things. This may mean overcoming obstacles or forging a completely new path.
  • Focused on others: Inspirational people don't just talk about what's important to them; they act on it. They usually dedicate their lives to helping others.
  • Great storyteller: Inspirational people have a unique way of looking at the world and are talented at describing their visions. Being able to communicate a compelling story is a big part of being an inspirational figure

Helpful Inspiration tips:

  • Carry a note/sketch book to write or doodle whenever you want to remember an inspirational piece or have an idea for a project.
  • If you think of a personality as your best reason behind your inspiration then don't try to copy his/her actions, try to simulate the situation by putting yourself on his/her place not himself/herself on your place. By doing so you can feel that after becoming like that person which action you would take if you would have been on his/her place.
  • Honesty is key. If you are lying to yourself at all, your creative product will most certainly lack value because of it.
  • It is not necessary to find inspiration by emulating the actions of others, the best source of inspiration should be you.
  • Think of real people in your life. They can help you decide your character traits. Also remember at the end of the day even if you don't like your story it's important that you had fun.

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