Be Fit and Healthy

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Regardless of your agenda or motivation or wanting to be fit and healthy, getting into shape and staying in shape doesn’t have to be an insurmountable conquest if you have the right tools and plenty of support. Healthy body links to a healthy mind and life. 

Be real with yourself before embarking upon a serious fitness regime. How badly do you want this and are you willing to put forth a little sacrifice and pain in order to achieve your goal?

  • Review previous fitness attempts. Knowing why you fell off the wagon or what went wrong in the past will help you pave the way to a more successful future.
  • Find a buddy to help you keep your goals in check. Have a close friend, spouse or relative you trust hold you accountable throughout your journey. This doesn’t mean they have to bark at you if you slip up; rather than be there to pick you up and cheer you onto victory.
  • Consider your schedule and current life situation. If you are about to start a huge project at work or will be traveling a considerable amount in the next few months, you may want to wait until you can seriously commit to your program. If you start only half -heartedly, you may be setting yourself up to fail, which will only negatively impact your self esteem.

Have a plan. Just saying that you are going “get fit” is like telling someone to build a house without a blueprint. You need step by step goals, designed by a trained professional in order to be successful.

  • Join a gym with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can take into account your current fitness and diet level and map out a way for you to achieve higher fitness and a cleaner way of eating in a progressive, logical way.
  • Follow your favorite fitness guru’s plan. Numerous famous fitness coaches have programs on the market that can be implemented into your current lifestyle. However, if you choose to go with this method, make sure you are very self motivated otherwise it might be easy to slack off during your workouts.
  • Consult with a nutritionist. One major diet and fitness pitfall is to starve to lose weight. This will only put your metabolism into sluggish mode as it will think that it needs to conserve every single calorie you consume in order to survive (so basically it comes to a screeching halt). A trained nutritionist will create a plan for weight loss and fitness success that will compliment your workouts and help in the building of lean muscle.

Commit to eat healthier. When it comes to eating healthier, the definition of health food may mean one thing to a one individual and something entirely different to another.

  • Know the truth about what fuels muscle and weight loss. Your workouts and nutrition plan must work hand in hand in order for you to see results. Some people believe that if they work out hard they can eat whatever they want, which is simply not true. What you fuel your body with will directly dictate if you are going to see results are not. Become educated about what will help your body achieve results by speaking with a nutritionist.
  • Understand that you will have a few days when you feel a little crabby. Sugar withdrawal can be pretty intense so even if you slowly remove it from your diet your body may still crave it for a few days. Prepare ahead of time to feel a little sugar depraved as you transition away from processed foods to a more natural, healthy diet.
  • Learn how to cook. Eating and cooking at home will set you up for greater success than eating out. When you dine out you rarely know what is in the food--except that it tastes good. You may think you are eating a healthy meal when in reality it is loaded with fat and calories; calories you didn’t anticipate.

Start with small goals. Everyone has to start somewhere so if it means that your first goal is being able to make it up a flight of stairs; make it your goal until you can command those stairs and not think twice.

  • Keep striving higher goals. Don’t rest on your laurels once you’ve reached the small goal. Keep hitting that goal for a few weeks, but then set another goal the next step above.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you stumble or fail to reach goals right away. Remember, goal attainment is not linear and will be a struggle--making achievement that much sweeter.
  • Be realistic and set yourself up for success. Setting the initial goal of eliminating sugar from your diet completely, especially if your diet was laden with sugar, will only be frustrating and may feel impossible. Instead, consider removing one sugary snack at first and then work through not missing that snack before eliminating the next sugary snack.
  1. Don’t go on a diet. Getting fit and healthy should not involve with your announcement that you are on a diet. Diets are limited and restricting. Instead commit to completely changing your lifestyle forever.
  2. Experiment with healthy foods you like. Just because broccoli is healthy, but you hate it (no matter how it’s prepared) doesn’t mean you have to gag it down every day. Nature is abundant with endless types of vegetables and most likely you will find at least four or five you really enjoy.
  3. Know how to prepare foods. While steaming vegetables and grilling meat may be considered to be the lowest in calorie, it may also turn you off and provide more opportunity for lifestyle abandonment. If necessary take a healthy cooking class to learn how to season and cook foods in a variety of healthy ways that will not only reinforce your lifestyle but taste delicious.
  4. Educate yourself on healthy versus unhealthy foods. General rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t come from nature, you should limit the consumption (or eliminate). Some pre-packaged foods may tout that they are healthy but in reality you are consuming additives and preservatives that are not doing you any favors.
  5. Ditch soda and drink water. If you have an aversion to water (some people just don’t like water), consider adding a no calorie water flavor enhancer to boost consumption. Or, if you love the bubbles of soda, drink club soda (not tonic water, which has calories) and add a little water flavor enhancer (the liquid type) and lemon or lime.
  6. Eat smaller meals. Instead of stuffing yourself (or worse--depriving yourself) three times a day at mealtime, keep your blood sugar stable and consume six to eight smaller meals throughout the day. This doesn’t mean ongoing snacking, but every two to three hours have a handful of nuts or a cheese stick. Around traditional mealtime, opt for a small grilled piece of chicken and a side salad. You’ll be eating again in a few hours so you can go for a small lunch or dinner.
  7. Go for natural foods. This means shopping along the outer aisles of the grocery store and eliminating processed foods. Also, carbohydrates are not the devil, however white, processed carbs can work against your goals. If you love pasta, consider purchasing spaghetti squash and cook with marinara sauce. Think about what grows in nature when purchasing foods or ordering in a restaurant.
  8. Apply the same principals of diet to exercise. Deciding to run a marathon after being a lifetime couch potato may be a little too lofty of a goal. Instead you want to apply small goals but goals that you can stick to every single day.
  9. Raise your heart rate every day. Begin by working out at least 30 minutes a day and increase your time to and hour a day as you adapt to exercise.
  10. Choose a workout (or a variety of workouts) that you enjoy. Hate running? Try Zumba. Not a fan of spinning? Consider CrossFit. There are endless types of workouts and certainly one or more will be fun and deliver results.
  11. Know your numbers. While knowing what you weigh and your measurements so you can track inch loss, avoid becoming obsessed.
  12. Weigh yourself only once a day. In the morning, hop on the scale before you’ve eaten. If possible, don't allow the number to completely dictate what kind of day you have though. If you find that you are becoming overly consumed with the number, drop down to weighing only every other day or once a week.
  13. Take your measurements every month. Almost more important than weight, knowing how many inches you’ve lost will tell you how much body fat you’ve shed. Sometimes the scale may report a higher number than you look or feel due to adding muscle mass. Knowing your measurements may provide you with a truer metric.
  14. Celebrate milestones. However, instead of celebrating being able to fit into a new size with a hot fudge sundae, treat yourself a little differently such as a shopping spree or a day of pampering.
  15. Make sure friends, family and supporters know. Don’t keep good news a secret, share your success with others. Also, by letting people know how well you are doing you will be held more accountable to not slide backward.
  16. Set new goals. As you celebrate you should also be setting new challenges and goals--know that you can do this.
  17. Maintain a food/exercise journal. This is one of the best ways to keep you accountable and review and track trends should you feel as though you are slipping.
  18. Use a method that works best for you. In addition to old fashioned pen and paper journal, numerous free apps can allow you to track both nutrition and fitness online or even from your smartphone.
  19. Be honest with your journal. You are only lying to yourself and sabotaging your efforts if you report that you worked out harder or ate healthier.

  20. Fit and Healthy Qualities:
    Strong mind
    Positive attitude
    Be realsitic

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