Miss Photogenic

Miss Photogenic is the winning title for The Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza's most photogenic bikini fitness competitor. At The Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza competition, you have four comp rounds making the FBME the best stage time comp in Australia offering each female competitor a lot of comp stage time to show your fitness, bikini, sporting interest and evening gown sides. 

The Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza is the best Australian bikini, health and fitness comp beauty modelling pageant. FBME is built on our healthy ethics and philosophies and we encourage confidence and friendship amongst our competitors. 

The FBME Miss Photogenic award is given to the most photogenic lady at each heat and the Final, sponsored by De Lorenzo with a fabulous haircare pack as the prize. The Miss Photogenic award is judged by the photographers and the FBME styling team and is a coveted award for the lady who really shines and performs on film. We are looking for a natural behind the camera.


Buy your FBME event tickets and be part of the audience at the best bikini, health and fitness modelling comp today. FBME is Australia's  best female only bikini, health and fitness modelling comp offering the best prizes and sponsorship opportunities.